Beaulieu Historique

Beaulieu Historique

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The museum was inaugurated in April 2000 in the Rotunda, ground floor, thanks to the will of Beaulieu Historique, with the help of the Association of Anao, a hundred donors of documents and various objects, thanks to the agreement of the City Council of Beaulieu-sur-mer and under the inspiration of local historian André Cane.

This museum preserves most diverses elements (photos, maps, postcards, old newspapers, engravings, paintings, sculptures, farming tools, cooking utensils, fishing equipment, flints, coins and ceramics Roman objects that belonged to celebrities ...).

It evokes the prehistory of this place until today, the historical perspective and describes the local life, activities, festivals, schools, shopping, sports, neighborhoods, cities.

It is kept thousands of documents pictorial.

This museum was attended by voluntary groups, school classes, historians, researchers, and participated in Heritage Days, in the form of guided tours.

Currently moved to the old dance hall, Boulevard Marinoni, it expects to reopen its doors as soon as work of safety and accessibility will be done by the Mairie.

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Beaulieu Historique
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